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Forums > Back > I rejoin the system 16 years later...
Yeah, I emptied all the stockings and cereal boxes where I stored my "savings", got deep in debt and sprung for a Z9, the Fringer EF-NZ adapter and the card. Finding a small~ish card was the most troublesome. Smile And I had to get a 120GB one in the end.

Maybe I will test it in "combat" tomorrow. There appears to be a difficult shoot in pitch darkness... right what the doctor ordered.
So far, I've tried all my lenses, and even one I just have access to. The Tamron 70-300/4-5.6 either has defective VC, or just freaks out, so switching off VC and relying on IBIS yielded the best results. Canon 16-35/4, 24-85, 70-200/2.8 IS mk.1, 100-400 mk.1, 24/1.4 II, Tamrons 45 and 85 all worked well. Sigma 14/2.8 HSM required the adapter firmware to be upgraded. I'll keep trying various lenses anyone around me has to see how well they work.

Guess I'll get a native lens (I have set my sights on the 24-120/4) sometime down the track, but only after I cover all the debts incurred by this purchase.

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