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Forums > Back > I rejoin the system 16 years later...
(03-06-2023, 09:37 AM)Rover Wrote: Well, dropping gear is not a good thing whatever it is (cue the lamentations for the Canon 100-400 I've smashed up just over a month ago, and it's gone into servicing...)

Speaking of servicing, a funny story, my car had a tiny bumper accident, however the dead spot detection sensor stopped working. Renault and Nissan are same dealership here in Qatar and have only one body garage for both car brand at Nissan , they repainted the bumper however it has been 3 weeks I am between Nissan and Renault to have the sensor repaired, Nissan say electronic part we can't do anything, Renault say it's from accident we can't do anything.
Till I decided to pay for the repairs at Renault and forget about insurance and accident they sent me a quotation 2900 QAR=750 EUR stating both sensors need repair, logically it is impossible to have an electronic problem on 2 sensors at the same time, I knew something was wrong, so I called the manager who is a friend of mine, and we checked the car together: connection cable damaged by accident, new qotation 20QAR=5 EUR plus labor...… after a while I receive a call saying the manager apologizes for the inconvenience, he ordered not to charge for labor nor for cable.... I am picking my car tomorrow morning repaired for free

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