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Forums > Back > I rejoin the system 16 years later...
(04-17-2023, 01:00 PM)Rover Wrote: Well, the 14mm edge sharpness wasn't very good even on the older 1D bodies.
Speaking of which, I'm travelling with the 1D4 again because I've been warned against using big fancy cameras and lenses where I am (Bahrain). So it's the good old 1D4, 16-35 and Tamron 70-300 for me now (more so since my 100-400 is still in repairs). Smile

You are in Bahrain now !!! our neighbors... drop by to Qatar Smile
in the gulf area they are obsessed with permits, just take care of having photography permits everywhere before you go, they are free and  easy to have just check online for every  place you plan to visit, in general you send an email a few days before, they send you a form to fill, scan and  and email back or you simply fill  the form online.

For cultural sites and museums here's the page 

for others you have to check for each place. Once you have the permit they are extremely friendly and helpful.

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