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Modern Day Photo Processing
Over the years each consecutive phone I've owned has not only taken better pictures, but also produced better jpegs from the get-go. For the latter, there was a time when one line of thought was along the lines of how raw images are - your images was bland until you edited it. Now the processing is pretty smart and generally the images produced from my camera are ready to post or share. 

This really hit home the other day. At a Christmas party I won one of those laser light Christmas projectors. This projects various red and green patterns (gingerbread men, Santa sleigh, snowflakes, etc). When I put it up I was a little disappointed that it was really being drowned out by my existing decorations. I took some pics with my phone to show my GF and was shocked that the reds and greens from the laser really popped more than the other decorations! 

Makes me think I'm shooting Velvia! It's like we finally made full circle!

Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Years to all!?
You can have Velvia with Fujifilm JPEGs all the time ;-)

But yeah, these laser projectors are cool!
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Just like everything else, every era has its own style, the actual trends in photography can and very likely will look outdated a few years ago or be qualified as vintage style
do you remember the soft focus of the 90s ? here almost everybody had a soft focus filter Canon even made 135mm f2.8 soft focus lens.
Who still uses it now ?
BTW it's super easy to mimick in photoshop in with 3 to 4 clicks: duplicate layer, on new layer play with levels as to increase highlights exposure, gaussian blur decrease transparency, merge layers and you are done

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