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Shooting video w/ Canon R5 - eliminating lens focus noise
(12-24-2022, 05:08 PM)bartonke Wrote: I'm trying to shoot video with the Canon R5 and RF 50mm F1.2 L lens. I've attached a Rode Video Mic Pro to the camera. However, the lens makes a lot of noise when the auto focus changes while I'm shooting (perhaps because it's a USM lens?), which then gets picked up in the audio. What's the solution / standard approach for resolving this issue? I've read that I should either use an STM lens or an external mic, or get the mic off the camera. Is there a 'go to' lens that would resolve this issue that would be a good fit for family videos, or will I need to avoid the on camera mic entirely?
Unless you use proper video-lenses on your camera, you will likely pick up some lens noises, sometimes more sometimes less, depending on the actual lens in use. However, with an external mic you should not really pick up the lens AF noise, unless you have set it too sensitive, I would think. Off-camera is better anyway, that is why professional film makers use mikes on a boom after all.

If you have to believe Canon, virtually all RF lenses are excellent for video, but STM AF supposedly makes lens noise than USM A, so that would be an option. Generally speaking the internal mic option is really only a failsafe type option, or an option if you do not have anything else at hand.

Also, the 50L, 85L and 135L are considered to be great lenses for a cinematic look, so from that point of view you should really be fine with your 50L.

Have you tried switching to pure manual focus, to see if there is less noise in that case?

The easiest way around it is to use an external mic, and compared to the cost of an R5 plus an RF 50L it is really a small price to pay, if you;d ask me. A good Rode mic sets you back around 100 euros
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