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Your suggestions for a laptop for photography use
I need to update my laptop, without spending too much money as I can't justify the spending on something non essential, my current laptop has poor screen quality and I am using an external calibrated monitor when editing, which is not very practical.  
I need accurate colors on the screen while staying on a budget, I read 70% Adobe RGB is the minimum  needed, is that OK or should I go higher ?
is 4K screen needed or I am just fine with FHD ?
I don't play games but I don't want DPP and DXO to take ages before loading pictures, I also have tons of photos I browse on my NAS and I want thumbnails to appear instantly  what performance requirements should I ask for aside having plenty of RAM ?
Define your budget ;-)

I'd say that a reasonable choice would be a Macbook Air M1/M2 w/16GB if you don't want to spend terribly much.
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I would
(01-05-2023, 09:31 AM)Klaus Wrote: Define your budget ;-)
let's say I prefer being in the 3000-4000 QAR area unless there's something really worth it
I am not used to apple environment, and I already have licenses for windows software unless the advantages are really obvious
Without knowing the pricing and availability in your region - what about a Dell Inspiron 16 PLUS:

or a Lenovo Legion 5 Pro:

Note: Gaming laptops tend to be good for imaging tasks as well.
Chief Editor -

Doing all things Canon, MFT, Sony and Fuji

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