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The X-H2 after some weeks
I'm glad that I decided to favor the X-H2 over the X-T5 - some may like the fiddling with the classic dials but for me, it's a relief that handles like a "normal" camera. Especially the placement of the exposure compensation dial has been a pain on the X-Ts. I don't quite understand why many people like this. Ergonomically, the camera is nearly perfect from my personal perspective. I only have a few minor issues with the menu system but no headaches either.
AWB is generally decent but it struggles in artificial light.
The jury is still out regarding AF performance. Generally, it is fine but e.g. eye AF had many misses during my last trip.
The IBIS seems to be pretty good - in photo mode - but I understand that it may not be ideal for video at least. 
The 40mp sensor is better than expected ... but also as expected - it requires top-notch glass. The difference in quality between the Viltrox 75mm f/1.2 and the Sigma 18-50mm DN is stark. The corner performance of the Sigma is simply insufficient - which raises the question of whether there is even a single standard or wide zoom lens that can handle this sensor. It's quite surprising given all the praise that the Sigma has received. In my book, the "contemporary" designation is a fair one. I suppose that this confirms once again, that Fujifilm is best centered around prime lenses rather than zooms.
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Is it the same kind of bloodbath for lenses that 5DSR was for the EF mount? Smile
Well, the X-mount tests will continue based on 26mp for the time being - so no immediate bloodbath at least.

However, 40mp on APS-C just seems to be over the top. Except for the center. As expected, at f/8 you already see an overall softening from diffraction.
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I have read on dpreview that magnified view for focusing is a bit low res and this makes manual focusing really difficult/impossible... bot on t5 and h2... is it true?

Anyway for now i have a t20 and i'm not that tempted by actual fujifilm lineup. the only thing i would like is ibis. but with t30 they removed some buttons, with xs10 they remove afmf switch, t4 maybe the best but too many €€€€ . 40 mp not after reading what you wrote...
Manual focusing works just fine on the X-H2.

I think the criticism about the coarse "focus check" is when you take pictures in RAW mode (without JPGs) and then magnify into the stored image.
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A long time problem so... anyway i was referring at what i've read here ( disappointingly low resolution of the magnified live view )
I'm not sure what they mean by low resolution in live view. When magnifying to the max on the X-H2, the viewfinder image is sharp.
I suppose they could mean that the magnification itself isn't high enough.
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