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Canon announces Artificial Intelligence image processing

The claims look excellent, however it's not clear they are just talking about a DPP upgrade or in-camera corrections.

Hopefully they will be integrated to DPP with backwards compatibility, plenty of DPP additions don't have backward compatibilty.
I like DPP colors especially skin tones, however I am forced to use DXO for very high ISO for noise reduction...
How soon this tech will find its way into cameras is a good question.

AI is notoriously processor-intensive - translating to a heavy burden on the battery. Even my M1 Max can't do it anywhere near real-time, which is basically the prereq for even considering putting this kind of silicon into a camera.

But yes, the results can be near-magic compared to conventional methods.
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So most likely it will be a DPP feature, however most likely they will enable it for specific camera bodies, without retro compatibility, too bad DPP having DXO features would have been really awesome

disappointed... it's a DPP add on that works only on selected camera
you need a paid subscription plan to use it...
A paid subscription plan is required to use it.

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