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Meike to announce an AF 85mm f/1.4
(04-19-2023, 06:04 PM)toni-a Wrote: I would have given Olympus a try surely, only problem not available in Lebanon nor in Qatar so I have to rely on the  used market, even at the used market offer is very limited and they are hard to find without forgetting that it will be a nightmare if even spare parts are needed.... but yes a compact camera body would be welcome unless canon finally release the leaked 20-40f4 pancake

As for EOS-M their prices on the used market are very very attractive now so M50 for less that 400 EUR  why not ?
Ah, yes, I had forgotten about the availability in your area, and for the price, indeed, why not.

Kind regards, Wim

(04-19-2023, 07:27 PM)Rover Wrote: He wanted something that would be shooting 4K video so he had his eye on M50 Mark II. I pointed out that something like the 90D also does 4K. He still seemed okay with the M50 even though I pointed out that as a system, EOS-M is dying. But all he wants is adapting his existing EF lenses - and if you're using adapters anyway, how much does it matter what you adapt your lenses to... as long as it's working well? I crossed out the RF system on principle when choosing something to move to. Not regretting it one bit, especially since the ergonomics (e.g. the button placement that has been standardized on Canon bodies for move that a decade) has changed anyway, and I can't follow their design decisions anymore.
Yes, and using a Canon lens and Canon adapter it is likely to work better and more reliably than with anything else.

As to design decisions, I don;t see any problem with that on the Canon bodies. They experimented a little bit, mostly on de EOS R, but that is not a problem.
What I really like about the R-bodies vs the dslrs, is that, for me, using a battery grip is actually comfortable with the bigger land heavier enses. That was never the case for me with the dslr-bodies.
Other than that, UI-design and handling to me is very similar and comfortable.
Gear: Canon EOS R with 3 primes and 2 zooms, 4 EF-R adapters, Canon EOS 5 (analog), 9 Canon EF primes, a lone Canon EF zoom, 2 extenders, 2 converters, tubes; Olympus OM-D 1 Mk II & Pen F with 12 primes, 6 zooms, and 3 Metabones EF-MFT adapters ....

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