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Strong rumours about the Nikon Z8
Strong rumours for the Z8 .....
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Seems that DSLR-sized cameras are a thing again.
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Will there be a battery grip for Z8? :-P
(04-27-2023, 05:54 AM)Rover Wrote: Will there be a battery grip for Z8? :-P

It's on the rumours list .....

The Z8 is supposed to be the non gripped version of the Z9 .. ie it is expected to have sports lenses mounted on it such as the 400mm F4.5 / 800mm F6.3 / 200-500mm F5.6 and the upcomming 200-600mm F(?)

so no surprise it has the same body form as the Z6/Z7 !
Dave's clichés
It is live. Pretty much the same as Z9 but at reduced size.
However, I do wish Z9 had the second slot as SD... would've saved me a ton of unnecessary work (and expenses...)

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