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Next OL lens test: Nikkor Z 24-200mm f/4-6.3 VR

Some weaknesses
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Well, it's a bit just in my book ...

 Weak areas:  corners at 24mm/purple fringing are probably it's biggest flaws 

Nikon lists it at nearly €1,000 dollars .......
The corners at 24mm are quite weak but other than that it's descent.
It's actually pretty good for a superzoom.

Klaus, do you plan on reviewing the Tamron 24-200 f2.8-5.6?
It's supposed to be the best superzoom in that focal range.

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Could the soft corners at 24mm come from digital correction of massive distortions ?
Nice to see a lens to get a score of 5... oh wait. Big Grin
To think that a (gearhead) colleague, upon learning that I've come to own a Nikon Z9, suggested that I "sell all the Canon junk" and get this lens instead for everything. Smile
BTW the Canon 24-240 looks quite a bit better, except of course the uncorrected distortion / vignetting figures that were a fair bit higher.

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