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Forums > Back > 5D MK IV is out officially




The video specs are somewhat disappointing. Rubbish 4K codec and 1.7 crop. For stills it looks great.

All the FF cameras that offer 4K do crop (except a Sony A7 something, which offers meh quality 4K FF or good quality 4K cropped).

Disappointing for those who look for 4K FF, for sure. But not specific for this 5D mk IV.
Does any of you consider the 5D mk. IV as a replacement for the 5D I, II or III or perhaps another camera?


There are some rumours for a 6D II as well, but they have been around for quite some time. Should we see one soon or would it bite the sales of the 5D IV if it comes out together?


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a7s & a7sii both do stunning full frame 4k. (admittedly crops to 16:9 from 4:3).


I think Canon have cheaped out by not implementing the hardware to properly do 4k by re-sampling the 30MPix image to 12. They also forgot to put on the appropriate encoder for h.265.


Its not like they have even done it for the 1dc. Having a 64Gb card fill up in 13 minutes really isn't usable.

The 6D was announced not long after the 5D mk III. Of course, a 6D mkII would come after the 5D mk IV. So, expect a 6D mk II to be annouced in a few months.

I often wonder, for most photographers, wouldn't the 6D (II) be all they need? I see the specs on the 5D III and IV, but if I were to buy a new camera, the 6D would be my choice, it can do everything I want.


And back in the '90 when a new camera was announced, the older model would drop significantly in price. When the EOS 3 came out, the EOS 5 (analog) was dead cheap. Sadly, these days are gone.........


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If you ask me the mk IV is just another dull evolution.

They could have implemented in-body IS at least - certainly for THAT price point.

I have to admit that this whole video discussion is beyond me.

If movies were a thing for me I'd gor for a dedicated movie camera.

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