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Forums > Back > 5D MK IV is out officially
Quote:Yes, on of the reasons why the market has collapsed. We are back to the state where you can keep your camera 5 years+.
Perhaps Canon is aware of that now, it's only one year more than the wait from the MKIII to the MKIV.
  Overal review of the 5DMk iv including explanation of dual pixel RAW and how it functions in practice.



DPreview seem to be in love with the dual pixel af: https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canon-eos-5d-mark-iv-first-impressions-review/7 


They pretty much ask for a mirrorless camera with it:  "In fact, it's so good we want to use it all the time (save for sports), but alas: no hybrid OVF/EVF."


eos m4? or will canon keep crippling their mirrorless offerings...

And DPReview mentioned something else: Rolling shutter effect which makes the already exotic sort of "4K video" even more useless. But, hey, it's only a 3.500$ camera, what would one expect of such a cheapo?  :lol:

In the 5D Mkiv's defence all its peers have similar issues with rolling shutter. The smaller formats are better eg gh4. (not that the gh4 is much smaller @4k - 1.7 vs 2.3 crop)


It's kinda like that are all using much the same technology and have similar cost constraints...

Yesterday I learnt that the Canon has not 1.7 crop but more like 2.0 because the (highly compressed) video proportion is not 16:9 - but honestly, I don't know much more about video than "I prefer to leave that to other people".


And just now I learnt the SD card is UHS I standard. That's why Nikon's manager yell around while partying.


Well, I better don't take the mouth to full. Maybe I get the X-T2 next week, then I can try about the "rollin', rollin', rollin..." shutter of it.

somewhat jealous of your imminent arrival of the fuji. If the autofocus lives up to the hype its going to be popular.

I simply try not getting too excited  :wub: But yesterday I started to imagine some drawers empty, which are filled with Nikon stuff and accessories like filter holder and filters for 14-24, bags, chargers, batteries and more. I'm still hesitating, to be honest.

Original plan was:
  • First try the X-T2 with grip
  • get the new Sigma sd quattro H for high amount of details and low ISO stuff - here I would use the D810 as well with LiveView.
  • send in the Sigma 50 and 24 Art to mount conversion from Nikon to Sigma OR sell these lenses as well and get the 18-35/1.8 and the 50-100/1.8 which are easily up to prime quality
BUT. As long as Sigma doesn't deliver a seriously improved RAW converter in 64-bit for Mac, I don't see myself  wasting three times more time than a Windows user for the same picture. Alternatively it would be nice to get an Irirdient version for quattro snesors, but Brian is the only memner of his software company and busy with Fuji X-Trans and a Windows version for the so far Mac-only Iridient developer.


It's a pity, because I like a lot things at the new sd quattro series and have a big weak spot for Foveon - but I'm no top-level masochist when it comes to sucking software. iIt will be worse enough that as well as Aperture and Capture One and Iridient will take their time to develop X-T2 raws.

the software situation with the Foveon sensors is not ideal. Could you run a VM on your mac to do the raw conversion? (not that this isn't sucky as well)


For me the 16 Mpix images from my x100t are fine for 1m wide prints, so i'm not too worried about resolution, however the greater color information from the Sigma is appealing.

Actually I will remain stubborn here. As a customer I hate to be treated second class for first class money. The only real act I can put against, is telling the distributor what I think about and keep my money in my bag instead of transferring it. I will not run Windows on my Mac, I don't want to deal with two OS at home. Since 2005 I have no more experience with malware - at home a Mac and for the Windows machies in the office other people take care of scanners, firewalls, security. I rather snap some pics in that time.


But since I also asked, why the sd quattro can be bought in the US and Europe for roughly 60% of what they are asking for in Switzerland without any added value, he is not my biggest friend anyway.


After all, it's not that the Fuji X-T2 is not capable of delievering nice colours and great resolution, it's just... yesterday I put a panorama together using the DP2 Merill. 80 MP out of a (at the time) 400€ camera...


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