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Off camera flash for Nikon.
I am presently using the Cactus V6 and the RF60 flash together with a bunch of different flashes I have; Nikon SB900, Olympus RF600 , etc. Have any of you used the new Nikon radio trigger system? It strikes me as expensive and maybe the TTL part justifies the price, but if you want that, the Profoto B2 strikes me as a better system. 

What are your ideas and experiences? I think I will stick to the Cactus for the time being, which will work really well with the Nikon gear and just add a V6II for HSS. 

I only had a quick look at the Nikon radio system and found it to be severely limited in both features, range and mostly compatibility.

If you want to combine radio triggers and iTTL with inexpensive flashes, there are several options. Personally I went with Yongnuo (their 622-triggers), so far the system has worked reliably for me (but I honestly don't use it often). Works well with iTTL-compatible flashes, tried it with Nikon, Metz and Yongnuo flashes myself.

The Yongnuo iTTL flashes btw. are fully compatible btw. Fairly cheap, a bit less userfriendly than Nikon Speedlights and (no surprise) not on the same build quality level as more expensive options.

-- Markus

Just a note about the yongnuo flashes, found them excellent, my Yongnuo 600EX RT is by far better than my 580 EX in every aspect.

Just some minor things to keep in mind:

When not in use Yongnuo flashes drain some power, make sure to take out the batteries when not in use, otherwise you will find dead batteries next morning.

Heard a lot about reliability issues but there's one you should always keep in mind: They have poor tolerance to heating. When it is hot or you have the overheat signal on the LCD immediately turn it off and take out the batteries otherwise it will die, it happened with friends and I don't wanna see it happen to you, otherwise I would easily go for the yongnuo, they work like a charm on my system (Canon 580 EX, Canon 600 EX and yongnuo 600 EX RT)

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