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Rumor: 12-100f4 pro
4/3 rumors posted a rumor today of a 12-100f4 pro lens being released this fall. One of the things I really liked about the original 4/3 system was the 12-60. While constant f4 is a bit slower if the lens has good optical quality @ f4 this might be a really nice lens. Other than bokeh most of the pro lenses have been pretty decent so far. If they can make this the same size as the 12-40f2.8 (concern it might be a bit on the long end) it would be pretty nifty edition to system as a walk around/travel lens.


Any comments/thoughts ?

A 24-200mm f8 FF equivalent with a Pro price tag? 
Maybe but it would probably be a more useful lens then a lot of the crap available for canon.

Quote:Maybe but it would probably be a more useful lens then a lot of the crap available for canon.
Probably? Sounds more like there might be a slight chance?


I don't know, but such small aperture lenses are a bit less useful (one can use them for less tasks) than bigger aperture lenses.

Of course, people make photos with compact bridge cameras too. But they are not uhmm.. "Pro".


It is fine if you like a small aperture big zoom range lens for "Pro" prices. Personally I kinda wonder why one would get one over for instance one of the compact bridge cameras.
12-100mm f/4 sounds good to me - assuming that the size and quality is right (reads better than those 14-150mm lenses).

Take that plus a UW and a fast prime and you got a compact versatile setup.

I have used a 24-200 as a travel lens on 5D  and that was quite awesome, for travelling lightweight I found this is an ideal setup

If it's small and good, that could be a nice traveling lens. Pair it with a fast normal lens (ideally a 20 or 25mm 1.2 or 1.4) and you've got an non-obtrusive yet competent 2-lens kit.


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