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Laowa (Venus) 105mm f2 STF
Looks like caps are "in".

Guess who is with the pretty girls?
You don't tell me, at Studor a bearded guy could wear bahamas just because he got a cap? At least not at this time of the year?  :blink:

Who knows what bearded guys do in the presence of a pretty girl? You would have to ask one.


I just take photos. I don't ask such questions.


BTW, how do you embed a photo like the other bearded guy rather than to attach just a thumbnail?

You have to have it on some website to link to with the "polaroid" icon above.

Many pictures taken with the Laowa STF 105 mm f/2 (T/3.2) and various Nikon and Canon bodies by the Venus Optics team. Most of those taken with a Canon DSLR come from .cr2 RAW files developed with Canon DPP4 (standard preset) by yours truly.


[Image: 24270188391_a69f043c4e_c.jpg]

By the way, the (international) media launch will take place in early February. They use to spread some pieces of informations on Chinese fora some two to four weeks in advance in order to gauge people's interest.


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