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5DSr performance with older Canon lenses
JoJu, so far, I haven't seen an up-to-date list of Canon legacy lenses that are known to work with the Metabones adapter.  However, I do concede your point regarding Sony's multitude of systems and their lack of commitment to a few and developing them. 


Even so, one thing I love about Canon, and can't say about Sony, is that so many people buy Canons and their lenses.  Then, when they get bored or decide to move on to something else, they offer their seldom used Canon gear for sale on Craigslist.  Very little of what I own in Canon gear was purchased new, and I've never had reason to regret that choice.

I'm incompetent. I only own Nikon and no more legacy lenses than an old Zeiss 50 mm and a couple of Yashica teles. I've never had the urge to adapt these on Nikon, as the Nikkors and Sigmas I own are simply better and with AF. And I seriously doubt the superiority of legacy lenses in each aspect, especially on a high-res sensor like the 5DRs has. Legacy primes might be as good as a modern L-zoom, but today's Canon L-primes are the lenses that camera was made for. If you're looking for a different look only an old lens can give you - that's another cup of tea and certainly not mine. Sidenote: I first had to look up, what legacy lenses could be... Huh


I'm not saying the old glass is crap, I'm just saying the last bit of performance is in contemporary lenses. Sorry if I'm not writing what you want to read (at least I suspect so  ^_^ ) but I would not use a high-end modern camera and put on that old glass - except there's no new version or the price is so steep I could not afford. The question is what would you gain more than you already have? How about rent a 5DRs and see for yourself? Better to lose some 100$ than to spend 3.5 k$ and learn to live with the feeling "second or third best..."

Another way to look at the 5Ds is that the pixel density is roughly comparable to the 7D2. You might argue the sensors aren't exactly the same, but they are similar generation, and might offer a "close enough" comparison and offer a wider number of data sources. Of course since the 7D2 sensor is smaller, it wont indicate what edge performance might be like.
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Quote:The D810 successor will have 42mp for marketing reasons I reckon.


The point is that the 5Ds is a stupid camera. The noise level is silly (full a FF camera) at low ISOs. Especially because Canon sensors are now inferior to Sony. The 5Ds has a worse score than the Sony A99 (24mp) over at DxO mark - the A99 is a 2012 camera.


I don't believe anyone except a HANDFUL of professionals stating that they require 50mp.


Nikon has released two cameras with 20mp (in the year 2016, not back in the days) which shows that they understood a thing or two now.
I have seen great images by 5DS shooters. So, you may enjoy DXO scores, that is fine. Pretty meaningless to me.


And again, Nikon has released 2 high FPS cameras with 20.x mp sensors. They replaced a 16mp D4s with a 20.x mp D5. They replaced a 12mp D300s with a 20.x mp D500. Both are replacements for the high FPS models, not the high res. models. Saying that it shows that "they understood a thing or two now" is missing the point.
To Klaus ...


Frankly, I'm surprised to see an editor or moderator use the term "stupid" to describe anyone or anything, even a camera.  Fine, the 5DSr isn't YOUR cup of tea, but can you honestly say any camera at any time was everyone's cup of tea? 


As a moderator your role should be to encourage, not discourage, inclusiveness and open-mindedness.  Are you even aware of how close that comment came to making you look like a troll?

Ho, ho, hold your horses, hjcihak46! After 6 posts attacking the site-owner, admin, main tester, and initiator of this as a potential troll - this makes YOU look like a pretty ungrateful bastard. At least, your consuming this site for free, as well as dozens of lens tests. I can only recommend to reflect your own post.


Klaus' task, as I see it, is not to nanny members of this forum to buy new toys. He was explaining why in his opinion this camera appears stupid, you're free to disagree. But even an admin has the right to have an opinion.

JoJu, you're right; you CAN count.  Prior to this post, I posted 6 times.  Now, perhaps you would be good enough to cite, by post number, precisely what I wrote in each of those 6 ("6 posts attacking the site-owner, admin, main tester, and initiator") that might be construed as offensive, at least to your own sensibilities.  Unlike you, apparently, I evaluate what is written without regard to how exalted the writer may be.


In any case, I stand by my observation that calling a camera "stupid" necessarily infers that those who designed it, as well as those who purchase it, have something less than an acceptable level of intelligence.  It is possible to express a negative opinion about something without impugning the intelligence of those with whom you disagree.


Finally, why don't let Klaus speak for himself? 

My sentence was meant like "the 6th post (attacking the site-owner....)" and not "all 6 posts full of attacks" because that would have been totally off. I'm no native speaker, so I ask: is there a comma missing? Like "After 6 posts, attacking the..." or would it have been less misunderstandable to write "After 5 posts, the 6th attacking the..."?


Besides - the number of posts is always under your avatar placeholder or picture. So I didn't need much counting Wink


I'm certain, Klaus will speak for himself, I just reacted on your attempt to bring him close to trolling, which I found offensive.


Also, calling a camera or lens "stupid" is always a personal opinion. You could call my lenses or bodies "stupid" as long as you'd like, I just would think, they are in your eyes stupid because you have no use for it, maybe. 
I think y'all need to chill the fuck out.

JoJu, the first rule of writing in a public forum is to be man enough to take responsibility for what you've written, mistakes included.  As for personal opinions, characterizing others' choices with words like "stupid" is no more intelligent than the condition that word describes.  (How's that for a personal opinion?)


Airy, if you're at all interested, and I sincerely doubt you will be, I can suggest severe books that might help to broaden your vocabulary, and your apparent IQ as well.


I have no doubt you both regard me as a troll, but please take note that my "handle" are the initials of my given and middle names and my full last name.  Only cowards hide behind aliases.


Finally, I'll take my leave of this miserable excuse for a forum and inform my friend how badly mistaken he was to think it might prove worthwhile to explore it.




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