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Cerrado Sunrise Winning entry at How done?
Hello all,

I just saw the winning entry "Cerrado Sunrise" at   While I find it very nice, I sort of doubt it's "natural". Winner states "I intensified the natural glow of sunrise by increasing the contrast between the flowers and grass."   
However, given that the sun is behind the horizon, the whole scene in the foreground should be rather dark. Did author enhance every flower one by one? 
I rather would think it's a composite, with the sky exchanged, plus of course PP on the foreground, but not on single plants.

Any suggestions from PP pros?
Looks like a composite to me, and a pretty obvious one. There no direct sunlight in the picture, so there's no way the flowers could have been hit by sunlight. The depth of focus is so deep to feel unreal, impossible to get without focus stacking a lot, for starter. The horizon line seems very convenient: if I had ever to make a composite I would choose one exactly like that one :-)
Obviously a composite, yes, but I don't see any problem with that, very soon we will have such composites straight out of cameras with built in HDR and focus stacking
The entry conditions state that PP is allowed, provided it is explained. Seems to me that the "composite" should have been mentioned.

In a way sad. I'd like to enjoy beautiful nature as is.
Same/similar flowers won again, with a night sky/Milky Way this time at for long exposure.

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