Full Version: New Canon EF 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 L IS USM II on the horizon
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Finally... it's about time Wink


-- Markus

  • IS has 4 stops capability
  • Special IS mode for sports shooting 
  • 0.95m MFD with 0.31x max. mag.
  • Aperture has 9 blades which form a circular aperture
  • Zoom touch adjustment ring
  • Fluorine coating
  • 1 fluorite, 1 UD element
  • And obviously, no more push-pull zoom
Isn't that still the old fashined friction ring between what looks like focus and zoom rings? What gives?

Is it a push/pull, or it has a zoom ring?

Quote:Is it a push/pull, or it has a zoom ring?




Quote:Isn't that still the old fashined friction ring between what looks like focus and zoom rings? What gives?
It is an adjustable zoom "tension" ring, probably to allow still for push/pull (making the friction very light) on the barrel itself?
I'd like one along with a 7D mk2, but I would really miss the push pull. I suspect my 100-400L is starting to wear out as the extension mechanism isn't as smooth as it used to, and judders at times now. So a replacement might not be far off. If they found some way to satisfy both, that would be great, but I'm not raising my hopes. I suspect it'll be twist only. If it pushes new 100-400L mk1 prices low, getting another as a spare would even be an option. 7D mk1 is also really cheap new now... not much more than I paid for a 600D new some years ago!


That image showing the lens extended, to me it looks like a big brother to the 70-300L. Certainly not like the current 100-400L.

More images of the lens has been posted on canonrumors, with price of $2199 and a stated date of announcement of the 11th.


Some interesting points were raised in the forum. Will it take extenders, since the 70-300L didn't? Someone also calculated the focal length shrinkage at close focus, and it seemed to be quite significant too.


No one else asked, but it is something I notice: does the focus change when zooming? While not a deal breaker in itself, it doesn't hurt to have one less thing for the camera AF to compensate for when trying to lock onto target. The 100-400L didn't to any noticeable degree. I haven't used the 70-300L in so long I can't be sure, but I think that was noticeable. The 35-350L definitely did.

My 70-200mm f4 L USM narrows the FOV towards MFD very noticably, the focal length itself goes down a bit (I think to somewhere around 180mm). It delivers 0.21x max. mag. at 1.2 meters. With a 12mm ext. tube, it gives 0.29x at ~1m.

This 100-400mm gives 0.31x at 0.95m. That is about the same. So, the focal length will be around 180mm at MFD. That means you will see the FOV widen when going towards MFD.


The old one gets 0.20x at 1.8m, the new one loses more towards MFD (else it would score close to 0.4x at MFD).


Comparing it to the Nikkor AF-S 80-400mm f4.5-5.6 VR: in MF it reaches 0.196x at 1.5m. If the focal length loss is more or less "linear", the two lenses (new Canon and new Nikkor) are more or less comparable, focal length loss wise?

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