Full Version: Pentax lens roadmap 2017
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It'll be interesting whether this one will stand the test of time ....


   It seems that I've been looking at that same lens road map for the last ten years!
Is "reliability" something bad  Huh ?




    I'm beginning to think it's some kind of bi-annual "spot the difference in the image" quiz.....


      .......I think in this latest one, one of the yellow stripes is a bit longer than two years ago .....but you know how it is? my memory is failing.....


              ....... or is it one of the petals of the lens-hood that's a little shorter?...


    anyway it beats me!

Pentax is a sad story. The KP and K-1 are - in my opinion - the best looking DSLRs on the market and they are capable too.

I'm much less impressed by their lenses though.

Maybe I need new glasses but... Haven't we seen this before?

Re: lenses, well, it seems that the basic necessities are covered, so if someone is dead set on using K1 he/she can het by. I wonder how many of the current Sigma lenses are made in the Pentax mount? Any of the Arts?
Zero Arts, AFAIK.


And it would be a bit contradictive, I think: Pentax is all about size and weight, and both at possible minimum. The Art lenses mostly are monstrous.

Capable as long as you do not count AF accuracy, the achilles heel from Pentax, still.

Quote:Capable as long as you do not count AF accuracy, the achilles heel from Pentax, still.

And DSLRs in general, yes 😁
Your posts border on trolling, Klaus. Not sure why you do that. It is not true that DSLRs in general have an issue with focus accuracy, but with Pentax it is indeed a weakness, they do NOT perform like Canon or Nikon DSLRs in this regard.

It would be nice to have fair discussions. I get enough trolling remarks from some other posters.

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