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........your not getting a D850 sensor........your getting a Z7 sensor with PDAF pixels.........there're not the same!

However, great video, great LV and lots more.....sure........lots of good stuff.........and overall I'm impressed..........and as you say Nikon have surpassed themselves for a first generation product..........

Psychedelic-isotropic flares.........is that what they call it now? ..............

We used to call it hallucinating ............still these new buzz words these day!!!
Your not getting?
It' the kind of flares you get when sensor and lens are really close to each other, and Mr. sensor is seriously blingblinging and Ms. lens is trying not to swallow all reflexes. Wanna see?

[Image: i-qWnfxmq-L.jpg]

[Image: i-2x6xpVs-L.jpg]

Maybe you now understand why I don't act hyperactive on silly stuff like sensor banding for 6 stops overexposing...
The banding ( or rather: lines from "PD AF") has nothing to do with over exposing, it can show up with "correct" exposures. Do you have to care about that "issue"? No, you don't. But don't misrepresent the phenomenon.


(11-13-2018, 12:03 PM)Brightcolours Wrote: [ -> ]Your not getting?
I see you have become the "master" of English..........
 ........and I'm becoming illiterate!
(11-13-2018, 02:16 PM)Brightcolours Wrote: [ -> ]The banding ( or rather: lines from "PD AF") has nothing to do with over exposing, it can show up with "correct" exposures. Do you have to care about that "issue"? No, you don't. But don't misrepresent the phenomenon.

Sorry, BC, I doubt it will show up as massively as I've seen it from 5DMkI, where banding in the shadows was visible to me without any further overexposing in PP. The lines I've seen on DPReview became slightly visible after 3 stops of overexposing a dark field. I tried to find it in my Z7 RAWs which are now possible to edit for me. Thanks to Iridient, no thanks to C1.

Anyway, this kind of flares are pretty ugly and I will avoid to use this certain 27 mm region of the 24-70. Thanks to the adapter I can use a lens with more sensor/flange distance.
I am not referring to noise (what you call banding in the Canon 5D mk something), nor about the shadow lifting DPR does. The lines can show up with large apertures and bright parts. Those are the conditions which might be annoying for it to show up. You know well I am not a shadow lifting hobbyist Tongue
Gentlemen! All of you hopefully will come back one day from the dozy CaptureOne developer meeting... this forum is as sleepy as their development of a Z7 support for their converter...

Meanwhile I enjoy Tamron's work: For the 150-600 G2 is a brand-new firmware V2 for Nikon out which makes the lens compatible to Z7 - well done, Tamron!
This is from the dpreview review indicating the cause of banding (my bold). This suggest that if you don't try to push the dynamic range you can control the banding....

In most circumstances the Z7's image quality will be remarkably similar to that of the D850 (as you might expect). However, it's not quite fair to say it's the same.

Key takeaways:

In principle, dynamic range is comparable to that of the D850: one of the best performances we've seen.
However, striping and banding (caused by the addition of on-sensor PDAF) means the usable dynamic range is reduced.
Dynamic range is the range of tonal values that a camera can represent, from the brightest recorded tone to the darkest usable value. There is, of course, an element of personal taste to this.


Whatever the reason for banding.....

     ....be it just noise related in the shadows resulting in those broad unsightly stripes...(à là D7100) .........

   ......or..........from PDAF pixels......
...I'm glad that neither the D500 nor the D750 have it......and I checked thoroughly from reviews before buying them expressly because of it, due to the D7100....

  The Nikon Z7 still looks favourite over the "EOS R" to me.......the Canon's silly "touch bar" for moving the AF point  .........most customize it to do nothing!
  Canon's take on new lenses is a clever move.......providing ultra bright optics that are not available (yet) from Nikon.....Nikon will have to respond here!

  Z6 reviews will be out soon......it will be interesting to see how the more affordable brother performs .......early utube vids show it to have excellent IQ.

  Oh and I'm glad to see that Tamron has done the FW for the A022 G2 lens  JoJu.......sweet!......Now the lens works, I would like to see a run of BIF tests to see the comparison between the D850's AF-C.........and the Z7...........surely the key test?

  If "your" view differs "inexplicably" from mine.......and I take the opposite stance..........
          .....it is simply because there is nothing to be gained by both of us being wrong! ....lol..
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