Full Version: OL test data @ Patreon: Sigma 85mm f/1.4 DG DN ART
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Aha .... members only site ........
Hi Klaus,

Test charts look really good. I know you are not a 1.4 fan but how do you like using the lens?
I don't quite understand why this lens doesn't get more love out there. It's pretty awesome as far as I can tell.
I have yet to take more sample images, though.
The only possibly relevant drawback may be the somewhat rough foreground bokeh.
So was it really the Sigma 85 res chart that you posted as a teaser on Facebook? I shot a guess that it is it, but haven't bothered to get back there and see the reply (if any)
Well, facebook is for teasing, not for content. ;-)
Good to know anyway that the Sigma 85mm f/1.4 is good. Granted, it was a pretty obvious conclusion, but that resolution chart shows just HOW good it really is.
I don't understand how to read the review - it requires that you join some third party system ?
Markus and I will post raw test charts - without commentary - for early access on Patreon.com

And yes, it'll require a subscription. Paypal donations have basically come to a full stop, so the idea is to get at least a little revenue from these subscription fees in order to keep the site afloat.

If this will not change the situation, we'll probably close shop at the end of the year.
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