Full Version: Fuji GFX 50 S medium format
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I imagine a pretty experimental rack, maybe a second use is distilling whisky?


The USB3 socket of the X-T2 body can also be connected to a USB2 Micro-B plug. This is news for me, haven't known that there's kind of down-compatibility.

Which means you can use your old USB2 Micro-B plug remote control with the X-T2, in addition to the Canon style remotes that go into the mic or headphone socket. Cool, good to know.

Not only this: There's also a remote control which uses this plug  Wink and the 2.5 mm is also available, plus the mechanical thread on the shutter button and the WiFi...


Hmm, I really wonder if I have to be present with so man remote options  Big Grin . Nearly overkill, just the weird Nikon 10 contact thread is not supported.  B)

No IR? Sony wins there. Heh.

Well, after looking it up in the menus, the battery will be dead already  :lol:

I don't even know whether the IR works in default or if I really should go look it up in the menus.


Had the IR remote and hated it btw, wifi is not better. #bestlagisrandomlag

In default IR is off, as it sucks a bit of energy, too. Okay, with mirrorless a battery belt is mandatory, so this couple of Wh don't matter much more  B)

But as long as you don't have to buy an app to activate it, everything is smooth, no?

The kit (body + 63 f2.8 WR) will be "well under $10.000". That is not cheap, but it undercuts Hasselblad's new offering.

Fuji claims its sensor is a new development, even though its specs are remarkably similar to the sensor in the Hasselblad, Pentax, including having a Bayer pattern CFA.


FF seems to have the advantage concerning fast lenses, though.

Comparison in size to D810


[Image: DSC09651_fujifilmhandson2.jpeg]


This is not the first time I thought "that could have been the FF Nikon mirrorless". It would have made sense and by going larger with the mount, all users with more than 5 active braincells could understand the need of new lenses. It's just, that Fujifilm has much more experience with (real) MF lenses.  Tongue

Not sure why they do not compare it to the size of a Sony A7r II, though.

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