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...or a Canon 5DS  Tongue or a Sigma SD quattro - they all would look pretty bricky.


It's normal you're "not sure". One day mirrorless has to be compact and nothing else and if it's not it's a waste of material, the other day it's the equivalencing game. You can be happy not to understand some contradictions...

Quote:Not sure why they do not compare it to the size of a Sony A7r II, though.
I think they trying to say "Nikon, wake up"
Quote:Not sure why they do not compare it to the size of a Sony A7r II, though.

They don't want to put something even uglier next to it. Same goes for Leica SL too.


There will be a range of adapters to connect third-party lenses to the GFX 50S, including leaf shutter lenses for studio and flash work. For example, there has been reports about a Hasselblad HC adapter with leaf shutter, electronic aperture and autofocus support. 




If true, they just sold a bulk load of these cameras.

More information from Fuji-Addict, who got it from DC-Watch


After looking at the pictures, I found a lot more things to like:
  • bigger battery
  • charging socket on left side
  • lots of sockets closeby
  • straps to be attached on Mamiya-like (or peakdesign) bolts
  • two SD card-slots, so with Western digital/Sandisk's 1TB prototype (and long cable to AC-supply) quite some thousand shots possible  Rolleyes
  • EVF is detachable, therefore two possible, one fixed, one tilt/swivel
  • lot of minor details
Well, Nikon, some people use their brains not as much for antique concepts. B)

Had noticed how strap bolts really look like to be Hasselblad style. Not surprising since the H series is made by Fujifilm, they even had released some under their own name.


It's a pretty good design too. Looks elegant and it's really easy to attach/remove the strap quickly, getting it out of the way when on a tripod and takes seconds to put one back when needed.

The sensor is a sensor from Sony, like the Nikon D810 sensor is from Sony. Fuji, like Nikon, did some changes. So, quite similar to the Hasselblad and Pentax.


Unclear if the announced lenses have shutters?
No. If they had, it would have been all over the place as well, no one mentioned a lens shutter of any of them.
  • GFX is equipped to support leaf shutter lenses. Fuji has no current plans to release leaf shutter lenses or adapters, but will release the specs to support other manufacturers to do so.
However, I wonder what the "C" on the Aperture left of the "A" ring does? So far I can chnage the apterure in the Fuji remote app. becasue they all have electrical actuated aperture diaphragm, but C? What at the Hasselblad side of things? C?
Although sensor size is bigger than full frame, everything smaller than large format (4X5in) is called medium format.

to illustrate it

MFT: 18X13,5mm

APS-C (nikon and sony) 23.5 X15.7

full frame 23X36

fuji GFX 32.9X43.8

while phase one is much larger 40.4X53.7 and they already have 100MP

Medium format is not a standard like full frame
C will let you assign the command dials on the camera to aperture and/or ISO, just like how T mode behaves on the shutter speed dial on X-T1 after some firmware updates.

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