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Why Canon decided to go RF mount instead of FF EF-M.
An interesting perspective and as expressed quite logical but and it is a big but, I don't think it matters too much because neither Canon nor for that matter Nikon have the same the same market circumstances as Sony. Both Canon and Nikon have an established user base who have invested heavily in their ranges of high quality glass, protecting their investment was esential as both launched mirrorless products that compete with the Sony A9, A7 ranges, the Canon M series just isn't in this market sector.

I shoot Canon DSLRs and have a collection of Canon L series glass, this is my "go to gear" for photography but I also have a M6 and four M series lenses (4 out of 5 available !) as a lightweight travel system. Although I can with the adapter mount my EF lenses on the M6, it is not ergonomically a thing I do, even a 70-200 lens is frankly ridiculous on a M body so leaving the M series out of the loop is hardly important. One of the arguments that has often been made as an advantage for the Sony A series is the lighter body weight but I've never bought into that because high quality lenses will always be the size/weight determining factor whoever the manufacturer is mybkexperience.

Bottom line, as a M series user, I do not see this systems exclusion going forward as a negative, I want it to remain as a physically small/light package, including the lenses and not cripple the R series at birth.

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