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Next OL lens test report: Samyang AF 85mm f/1.4 EF
Close but no cigar ...
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As they say over here - the first pancake turned out crumpled. Let's hope the 14/2.8 AF is not as miserable.

All-in-all: thanks Klaus, now I know this is not the lens to get, especially not with the Tamron available on the market.

P.S. One "proofreading" thing to point out: the second tested aperture in the 21 MP resolution graph is shown as 2.2. Is that a misprint?
I was looking forward to seeing a review here of this thanks for that!

A rather disappointing result compared to my expectations, Ephotozine reviewed the lens and although they use a simpler sharpness chart things look fine there..........I like the compact style.....but this business about it being softer at close distances is somewhat strange for a portrait lens which is where most folk will be using it...

..........given the close focus issue, the strangest of strange bokeh, the AF backfocus issue and Ephotozone's better findings.........

...........I wonder if it was down to the sample!
Dave's clichés
What a shard. Better get a used genuine 85 than this thing.

It's good that you took at least 4 of 14 pictures at f/1.4
Didn't seem that close....
A shame, that LoCA/fringing extreme. I don't remember seeing that from the manual focus version reviews. Bot have very similar, but different optics.
The (new style) graphs still say f/2.2 for the second tested aperture - should it be f/2.0? Did you just copy and paste from the Tamron review, or did you really test the lens at f/2.2? Not that it matters a whole lot, just curious.

P.S. Now that you've started assigning the star ratings to the lenses tested on the 5DSR, are you going to retroactively add them to the older reviews?
From this review I understand this lens is no better than my Canon 85f1.8 unless you absolutely need f1.4 which is not my case
@Rover - fixed the f/2.2 thingy

Are stars so important? ;-)
Chief Editor -

Doing all things Canon, MFT, Sony and Fuji
(10-01-2018, 10:24 PM)Klaus Wrote: @Rover - fixed the f/2.2 thingy

Are stars so important? ;-)

If a website uses a rating system, it would be one expectation of the user / reader to have consitent results, and the stars either are important in general or not at all. In the latter case, delete them all. 

In the first case I suggest you fulfill your own promise as to rate them at a later time when you know how to rate. For myself, I pay more attention to single results, but also to your "highly recommended" rating. I could snobbishly say "my lenses don't rate lower than 3 stars. else they go back", but to be honest, I would not know the ratings of what I buy.

Especially *grin* since I often do buy them before two years later the test comes out...

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