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Recommendations for a RAW converter for Canon
After getting EOS RP, with its CR3 files, I am having trouble finding a good RAW converter
I don't like lightroom nor capture one (and they are very prices) DXO photolab is asking to buy a new software just to have CR3 support with nothing that interests me added.
So I found myself with Canon DPP as my only option (which is not that bad actually)
faststone is very fast fot viewing and sorting but it has extremely limited features.
I don't want to convert to DNG
So what are my options for the time being ?
Have you tried Darktable or Rawtherapee? Both are free open source and both are very powerful, specially rawtherapee when it comes to raw conversion.
I tried both but never had the time to really learn all the features, which are many. Many people claim that once you master them you can get equal or better results than lightroom or capture one.
I use Rawtherapee and I'm very happy with it.
Originally I had been a Lightroom user for almost a decade, then I switched to CaptureOne but was not fully happy with it. Since early 2019, I switched to RawTherapee.
I highly recommend it.

Almost all images on this page have been converted with RawTherapee (the ones ending in "-rt") :

Flickr gallery
Many thanks folks the problem both don't support canon CR3 format otherwise I would have used them.
Another glitch, Canon didn't make public the file protocol (however they must have a special relationship with adobe and gave them the file protocol and maybe capture one) all the others did reverse file engineering and users are complaining of artifacts.
It is normal that RAW formats are not "public". Most software base their RAW support on DCRaw. Artifacts most probably are NOT a result from the reverse engineering. They might result from uneven green channels, or using the lossy compression setting. Hard to comment on any case that is an unknown.
IMO, the best would be to use a converter that's manufacturers' agnostic so you can use it regardless of your camera brand.
Although you don't wish to convert to DNG, it sounds like a descent compromise for the time being, until your particular camera format is supported.
To avoid any vendor/software lock-in, Rawtherapee is a great choice that will probably last for a while.
Adobe provides a free raw converter to DNG.

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DNG ist nothing than an overstretched, massivley overloaded Adobe format. I also would avoid it (including conversion into it*) for as long as possible.

* usually file size doubles from any genuine RAW to DNG after a conversion. Sigma, Leica and Pentax have DNG in a better version onboard. But after conversion (with some loss of characteristics) into DNG - what do you do with the genuine RAWs? Keep it and triple the consumption of memory? Delete it and gibe up all possibilities to get better results from the genuine RAWs with a suiting converter?

Iridient developer would be my recommendation (usually it's the fastest to comeout with support for new cameras). But of course, it's a question of what you pay for and what you get. So far I haven't see better results out of any of my cameras than in Capture One. I've seen some LR results and tried the same in C1 and it was massively better.

Okay, just checked: No EOS RP support from Iridient at the moment. Capture One does support them.
I agree about not seeing any sense in DNG conversions.
(10-16-2019, 05:43 PM)Brightcolours Wrote: I agree about not seeing any sense in DNG conversions.

   Unless you have the D500 and PS CS6 !!  

  It's a pain to convert D500 NEF files to DNG ...... but I couldn't "do" with anything other than CS6 .........

        ...... so I suffer !!
DNG is just a container format (a glorified TIFF) to store the RAW data.
It's not the most space efficient, but with the low cost of mass storage today, it's not really an issue.
If one wants to have universally accessible files (esp. in the future), DNG is better than any proprietary formats.
It also allows one to use older software versions without being forced to upgrade (as in David's case).

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