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Fake reviews, seems the new trend
We are not talking about a fake review somewhere anymore, it is becoming so common we are now  doing statistics on which products attract most fake reviews, and when you notice that sometimes 70% of the reviews are fake.... it makes you think and wonder.
Glad to be following a very reliable source here.
Hmmm... but if the Sony Alpha7R IV drops to 2.5/5 after purging the fake reviews, I'd say the real reviews are unreliable...


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Plus some legacy Nikkor lenses.
I never look at a number rating for a product: it's meaningless, a review should objectively describe the product, how or performs and if it delivers what specs say.
Just like Klaus is doing with lenses.
A review should include measurements not subjective opinion.
I suspect that we are the last of the dinosaurs. LOL
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(09-19-2022, 12:47 PM)Klaus Wrote: I suspect that we are the last of the dinosaurs. LOL

More like  sharks that survived everything for millions of years
You and Lenstip remain.
There used to be a few other lens review sites I frequented (so much that browsing them - in a particular, well rehearsed order, no less - had become part of my daily routine (while commuting to work, for instance, or getting ready for the workday in the office). But one by one they dropped off although along the way I've discovered ephotozine and cameralabs with the help of the people here.
Time does fly...

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