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Forums > Back > Yashica preparing something
           So sad to see a genuine top flight camera maker go down this christmas cracker route!.........


     ..........That's two nonsense desperation projects this week!
Nonsense desperation is nothing new, but thanks to internet we are more bothered with that.


And Yashica is just a brand, not any kind of current camera maker with a reputation. But I understand your disappointment, after I found what has become of Agfa Gevaert, Rollei, Zeiss Ikon, Braun I also felt a bit nostalgic.

   This Christmas cracker project is attracting much attention.....but not from interested parties...rather from those suspicious about the honesty of the product presentation.

  Couple this with a technical change of intentions of specifications and general vagueness etc and in short this looks to be one of the "Kickstarter projects"  that might just give a bad reputation to others that have succeeded......


    See what you think here:







   With it's dubious conception, poor construction, change of plans, expense and lack of real info.... this product looks.....


          .........a tad iffy!

Very impressive of that guy. Not the fact that he realized all those issues with the product video, the fact that he was bothered enough to watch and investigate the whole thing... Impressive. I couldn't do it.


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