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Forums > Back > Ultrawide double punch from Sony: 16-35 and 12-24
Quote:Photo forums are full of "Sony doesn't have enough lenses" messages. Even the insane pace we see now seems not enough to please the crowds.


Sony prices are indeed high, but new gear from the competition is not cheap either.

As income of professional photographers is going down due to market pressure (see how many newspapers laid off in-house staff), I guess the target now is rich amateurs who believe they need corner sharpness wide open.

On the other side, if the megapixel race goes on, maybe wide open will soon be the only aperture without diffraction killing the resolution.
I find it insane that people are still complaining, even though their last refuge now is the lack of "big white" class long telephotos... or an AF 35mm f/2.  Wink Me, I would've been totally fine with the Sony E-mount lens selection since the moment the 16-35/4 had hit the shelves...

People are complaning, because we are people who like to complain  Big Grin


If it's not the lens variety, it's the handling. Or the menus. Or the price. Or the colour. Or the EVF. Or the ...

Sony just launched massive trade-in campaign for A9, up to 70% bonus against the purchase of one.

At Adorama for now.
The 12-24 looks good on lens rental

Surprising. But it confirms that the Sigma isn't that hot at 24mm.


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