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Forums > Back > Zeiss Batis 40mm f/2 CF announced
Seems as if 40mm lenses are now a thing

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Just can't get, why 40mm when you already have 50 and 35mm ??
Because Sony has no 35mm f2, besides the fixed one on RX1?
Close up distance of 24 cm is nice (1:3.3, so no macro, but interesting perspectives)
The Canon 40mm does 0.18x at 30cm MFD (1:5.5), does that mean that the Zeiss Batis has rather a strong narrowing focus breathing? Hmm, the Canon RF 35mm f1.8 does 1:2 at MFD of 17cm, so I think it might.
Wonder why nobody made a tiny good performance pancake 40mm f2.8 lens like Canon did, those offerings don't make a lot of sense, they must give customers what they want, MTFs alone aren't enough to sell.
That partially explains why Canon selling much more than others despite not being distant in quality from others.

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