Full Version: Pentax D FA* 50mm f/1.4 - development annoucement
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(08-13-2018, 05:33 PM)Kunzite Wrote: [ -> ]It is important enough for you folks to spread misinformation around Wink
The lens is great, and it's a Pentax.

 I don't know about posting misinformation Kunzite but;

  Have you seen the new Tokina "opera" series 50mm F1.4 lens?.....

      ......complete with a new silent ring focus motor........just like the DFA* 50mm F1.4!

  Now I don't want to say that the Pentax and the Tokina have the same optical lens design......as I don't know..........
 ........and the body styling is certainly different..........

  ........but there's no denying that there's something linking the two lenses together......even if it's only old fashioned suspicion!

 With all that Pentax have written about the lens's design philosophy....... keeping down the lens diameter........loads of fancy glass......a new ring focus motor..etc.......I don't doubt it's a Pentax design.....but

  ......then all of a sudden.......up pops the new Tokina!

   ......shades of the old Hoya company?
davidmanze, misinformation is your tool so you know it well.

Again, this is a Pentax lens; there will be a Tokina Opera but Ricoh Imaging was heavily involved into both its optical and mechanical design:
Mr. Masakazu Saori - by the way - is the leading optical designer for the D FA* 70-200.
I'm seeing no information that Tokina did anything at all (which doesn't mean they didn't; just to put things in perspective).

You're wrong about Hoya, too - the past Pentax-Tokina collaboration was between Pentax Corporation and Tokina. All but one of those lenses were Pentax designs. All * lenses to date were developed by Pentax.
So history should make you believe that the new 50mm is likely a Pentax design, too.

I'm sure you'll forget all the information I'm giving you and continue with your "Pentax is bad" mantra.
Kunzite, as long as you maintain your persecution mania and smell criticism of Pentax everywhere, you should not be surprised that your filter also drips enough false information to you. No one ever said in this forum "Pentax is bad", this conspiracy only lives in your mind.
Did you know that davidmanze is not active only on this forum? :p
In any case, a Nikon user trying to convince us that Pentax can't possibly design Pentax lenses is actually bashing.

The conspiracy, oh boy... that's in YOUR mind. There's no conspiracy here, no persecution, just a few non-Pentaxians posting nonsense about a brand they don't own.
And getting angry when they're called on it.
Odd, it only appears that you get angry, all the time.
Anyhow, I hope that a new Canon 50mm f1.4 replacement is not as heavy, nor as expensive as this Tokina.
You're a funny one... talking about me getting angry while trying to upset me by repeating the same lie.
Kunzite, you are getting your knickers in a twist again.......

.....I stated that I don't doubt it is a Pentax lens!........(this can count as being an official legal and binding statement)
You did? Really? Are you sure about that?
Yes, you wrote the words, but you also added a "but".

P.S. Yes, the Tokina is using the same Pentax-designed optics.
P.P.S. There's something on your '.' key.
Well, as you have just confirmed the Tokina has the same optical formula..........

............IMHO that begs a huge "but"..........not that Pentax didn't design the lens........ rather.......

What is Pentax doing giving away their latest and probably their best hard won design to Tokina?

A rather strange thing to be doing if their isn't some association or another between them, don't you think?

We have established that Pentax designed the lens a 100%...........so what's your take in where Tokina fits into all this?........
If Tokina actually sells a number of lenses, Pentax will at least make some money. With 2% marketshare, on their own that is hard.
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